As a private holding company based in Cleveland, Ohio, Squire Ridge offers owners of private businesses generating up to $75 million in revenue the advantages of institutional private equity investment—committed capital, strategic guidance, access to resources—without the typical constraints. We provide a flexible investment alternative built around owners’ needs and goals for building business value, whether over a few years or many years. Investment strategy, structure, terms and hold periods are tailored for each portfolio company.

Squire Ridge seeks both controlling and non-controlling interests in privately held niche manufacturing, value-added distribution and select service companies in the Midwest. We consider investment opportunities in viable ongoing businesses with strong growth potential as well as distressed businesses that are fundamentally solid, but in need of capital and insightful direction.

The Squire Ridge philosophy emphasizes collaboration over operational control, and sees the value of patient, committed capital to enable and support growth over the optimal period of time. We are led by a seasoned private equity investor with nearly two decades of experience as a principal investor and partner to numerous management teams in a wide variety of industries. Our strategy is to maximize the value we add to our portfolio companies by partnering with proven entrepreneurs and management teams. Working together with business owners and employees, we provide financial, operational, marketing and strategic guidance that leads to sustained profitability and growth.